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Choosing Between DISH vs DIRECTV

Due to the economy many households are trying to cut costs wherever possible. With most families having a busy schedule the majority of them do not watch a lot of TV. This is the primary reason cable subscribers are dropping the high cost of their service and choosing to go with satellite programming instead. The main decision is choosing between DISH vs DIRECTV. In this article we will concentrate on what distinguishes each of these companies from one another.

The best way to decide which satellite provider will be best for you is to compare what services they offer and how they differ. The main areas to concentrate on should be available programming, equipment costs and monthly subscription rates. Generally once you have taken a good look at each of these, it will be evident which company will suit you best.

The programming on DIRECTV and DISH are not very dissimilar. In fact there is very little difference between what you can and cannot receive with either of these services. Comparing the companies based solely on available programming will put them pretty much on a level playing field. Before choosing either of them, be certain that your local channels are available in any deal you may be considering.

Equipment costs include setup fees and any extra equipment which may be required. Both DISH and DIRECTV charge an initial setup fee, plus if you need extra receivers beyond the two offered with setup, you will have to pay for them also. The extra cost of additional receivers is minimal with either of them.

The monthly subscription package is where you will more than likely be directing your attention. The difference in cost for either service is fairly well comparable in price. This makes choosing the best service purely an act of preference based on the other criteria.

Currently to get service with DIRECTV you will also need to provide a credit card, where Dish will allow you to use an ATM debit card. For some individuals this alone will decide which company will be receiving their business.

The winner in the DIRECTV vs DISH debate will totally depend upon what you are looking for in your entertainment package. Whether or not you have a valid credit card may also swing your decision. Overall, if you are looking for outstanding customer service you will not go wrong with either of these two satellite TV providers. No matter which one of these providers you decide upon using, you will have to agree to a two-year service agreement contract.

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